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The Private Dentist Association

Our organization is here to serve you, the members and all dentists and staff. We want to help keep your private dental practice private, if that is your goal. We also want to ensure that you, as a dental professional flourish & prosper. Therefore, the Private Dentist Association has a very specific goal. This is to be a resource for dentists and patients alike. We want to guide industry standards more in the direction of patient care. There’s nothing wrong with owning a profitable business, as long as the ultimate goal of every practice is to help the patient.

private dentist and patient care



To provide reliable data, information, and appropriate resources for patients and dental professionals. We aim to be a resource so that anyone can accurately evaluate the opportunities presented by private dental practices. That means patients as well as dentists and dental professionals.


  • Educate all dentists, dental-related groups and the general public about the advantages and benefits of privately owned dental practices.
  • Develop more interaction with dental organizations, patient groups and others regarding the value of the private practice of dentistry.
  • Provide reliable and comparative information to interested parties relative to dental practice types and their ability to provide freedom of choice in dental hygiene and the treatment of oral diseases.

All in all, the Private Dentist Association is here to keep integrity alive in the field of dentistry. Our goal, mission and purposes are created to align with what we think will truly help the industry and patients alike.



Join us to ensure the highest standards remain in the dental industry. Protect the private practice of dentistry.