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What Can Associates Do?

In the interest of completeness, we wanted to make sure that you had part 2 to Dentistry Today’s “Associate Dentists Face Risks When Their Employer Closes Business (Part 1).”

In his first article, Michael W. Davis, DDS went over some employee and patient-related practices that Dental Service Organizations employ. It also effectively put some facts out for evaluation. If you haven’t read it yet, we suggest that you do before the following article to ensure that you get a full picture.

In this installment of Dr. Davis’s 2 part piece, he covers more of a solution-oriented approach. What can one look for in a contract if they decide to partner with a DSO? What types of clauses would one need for patients, exit strategies, or employee retention? In our opinion, this is a great piece to help ensure that you know your options. Also, it helps us all learn from the mistakes of the Church Street Health Management (CSHM) or Small Smiles Dental fraud suit (and closure) and the Allcare Dental closure.

So, make sure that you read Part 1 above, otherwise, here is Associate Dentists Face Risks When Their Employer Closes Business (Part 2).


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