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DSO Practices Don’t Add Up

Here’s an important read by Michael W. Davis, DDS, posted in Dentistry Today. It goes over some of the employee and patient-related¬†practices that Dental Service Organizations are responsible for. Also, it does a good job of objectively putting the facts out publicly for you to evaluate.

The basic points behind the article highlight the Church Street Health Management (CSHM) or Small Smiles Dental fraud suit and closure and the Allcare Dental closure. Additionally, Dr. Davis adds some personal testimony from a previously DSO-employed associate.

Basically, the point is the disregard for patient care added to the lack of value put on employees that these two groups displayed. Of course, not every management group operates in this fashion. However, this is an unfortunately common occurrence that you should know about.

Get the facts here:¬†“Associate Dentists Face Risks When Their Employer Closes Business (Part 1)”


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