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Let’s Get Into Dental Marketing Basics

While reading through this, keep in mind that this is in no way intended to be an “applicable to all” sort of guide. Your dental marketing campaign, ads, types of social media posts, etc would be different for depending on your location or your patient demographics. Obviously, paid ads for a Perio or Prosthodontist might be different for a General Dentist. They would go after a different type of public.

Really, I wanted to give you a basic, early-days guide with some ideas to get your PR (public relations; how the public sees your business) off the ground. The idea is that you establish a presence online, start to be noticed by potential patients in your area and drive more patients into your office.

The beauty is, these are all steps that you can do yourself. Then you can build up your marketing budget before you hire on some pros (which I strongly recommend you do eventually).

Facebook Pages

Facebook has evolved into an absolute marketing behemoth. Not only can you keep up with friends and family, but it’s a perfect venue for blogs, videos, ads, and placement of your practice within the local scene. It also has its own ranking system that you can use in order to increase your reach.

Our view on Facebook is that it is the channel through which we give out as much free information, advice, and goodwill as possible. Granted, I know a dental marketing campaign is different than marketing a non-profit, but when you get down to the content level, there isn’t a big discrepancy in what people want to see.

Don’t just use our Facebook page as a giant ad

Be careful when you do start posting and try to balance your advertisements with plain, good-hearted help. The main idea here is that you draw people in by giving them something that helps them.

Here’s an example: if you’re trying to get more recurring patients, advertise your specific services on your page, but also balance that out with something fun and helpful. Get your staff involved in it and make it entertaining. I’ve seen hygienists post selfie videos of themselves having fun and it makes me more comfortable going into that practice. One stable piece of info is to post at least once a day, but make it meaningful.

Also, remember to check out your page insights and keep checking it! This way you start to get an idea of what times to post that get you the most views. If you’re posting at 3 A.M., no one will see it. I’m not trying to put in a plug about insomnia, but there are better things you can do at 3 in the morning.


Instagram is a bit of a hidden gem. Not many “professional service” type business use it to its full extent (or even at all). However, for a private dental practice, Instagram can be an easy way to grow a local audience. Like in my example above, you can have your staff posting videos or you could do 30-second tip videos. Get creative! The point is that you can target local audiences and be one of the only dentists in town that’s on Instagram.

Granted, Instagram will yield a younger audience, but I’d suggest monopolizing on that and go after them with a “start practicing oral health early” sort of campaign.

There is a hidden use of Instagram that’s great when building an audience. You can search for people who would be your target public (the type of clientele) and start following them. Start liking/commenting on their posts. Things as simple as “hey I like what you did there,” can cause someone to turn around and pay attention to your page. It’s really a great way to yield an easy lead.

That’s all I’ll say for this issue, but check out Part II for info on LinkedIn, Networking and Paid Ads!


Want to learn more about dental marketing? Check out Part II to this marketing 101 guide. For more general information that you can apply to your campaigns, Hubspot has great content that can help you out.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, Private Dentist Association, feel free to look through the rest of our blog, resources or contact us!