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“It’s too much money”

Is it though? Let’s get away from insurance copays, Care Credit and other payment plan arguments and just focus on dental sales in the same way as any other type of sales. One only has to look at a few factors to truly figure out what is important to your patient or prospect.

The Purpose of Sales

You can go about this one of two ways:

  1. Put your attention on yourself and making money.
  2. Put your attention on the patient and what will truly help them.

Your success in selling treatment plans and running a successful private practice with happy patients comes down to the above. Which way are you going to sell and for what purpose? Selling a $6,000 denture plan to a single person with little to no copay isn’t easy. I’ll absolutely give you that. However, if you believe in your plan 100%, know that that plan is exactly what the patient needs and keep your attention on the patient, you’ll do fine.

Is It Exchangeable?

The service offered has to be worth the cost. It’s the same in dental sales as it is in software or home sales. There isn’t really any way around that and, most of the time, that is the reason behind the “too much money” concern. Basically, it’s perceived as costing too much when the offer isn’t worth that kind of exchange.

A lot of that comes down to what you as the practitioner believe. If your time, experience, education and skill level is worth the price tag, then all you have to do is convince the patient of that.

So how can you use this in dental sales?

Again, it goes into belief. How much time did you spend in school learning how to do what you do? How long have you been practicing and are you good? Do you believe that your service is worth the price? I’m sure you had good answers, so there really isn’t any question then.

Here’s an example:

I recently had the pleasure of working with one of the more expensive Periodontists in Orlando, FL. He charges between 20 and 30 percent more than others in his area, but his practice does very very well and puts out honest work. He’s an incredibly kind and caring person who genuinely believes in helping his patients, he went to school longer than average to learn more, and he’s good. So when he sells a treatment plan, the patient knows that he is saying everything with 100% certainty in his ability to handle their problem. He knows that he can sell the package and so does his staff.

For him, the money tends to handle itself when the certainty is there.

Want a Pro Tip?

Private Dentist Association’s CEO, Dr. Greg Winteregg has great points on this subject. Dr. Winteregg has sold treatment plans as a private practicing dentist, small business consulting plans, business consulting plans exceeding the average American’s yearly income, you name it. So, here is a must-read article straight from him that highlights his feelings about price tags:

“Money Doesn’t Matter In Sales” by Dr. Greg Winteregg

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