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Everyone else can stare with green eyes of envy.

We thought we’d follow up Dr. Christensen’s article on staying motivated with one more reason to keep up the good work!

The stats have dropped slightly as General Dentistry has moved down from its number 2 spot in 2018 to 4th place this year. Don’t let that dishearten you because that’s mostly based on a slight, $2,000/year salary drop and Dentistry is still the top-rated healthcare profession by miles when it comes to income to debt ratio and quality of life.

Now some claims state that the drop in pay has a correlation with the increasing number of dental insurance cases and decreasing final payout to practitioners, but we can’t confirm that. At least, not yet, but we’re looking into it.

That aside…

Check out the article in Dentistry Today to find out more! Use it for motivation, bragging rights, confirmation that your long days and nights in school paid off, it’s up to you…


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