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Has Dentistry Changed?

“Where has the professionalism of my “profession” gone?”

A profound question from Private Dentist Association’s Advisory Board Member and renowned speaker and educator Dr. Gordon Christensen.

In the following article, Dr. Christensen elaborates on his thought above and explains where he feels Dentistry has been heading. Also, where it will continue to head if nothing is done about it.

After this quote, he goes on to discuss why he thinks Dentistry’s standards have dipped. He also goes over the change in purpose from a patient-first to a profit-first attitude as far as patient care. Overall, Dr. Christensen’s editorial illuminates the overall drop in ethical levels with great examples to effectively prove his point. Of course, at the Private Dentist Association, we believe in tangible evidence and accurate information, so this is the exact type of editorial we trust in. It’s definitely a piece that we think you should read and know about.

Show me the money…

So, are you curious about Dr. Gordon Christensen’s editorial? Want to know more about his views on patient treatment, arguably dishonest ads, potential corruption in peer-reviewed article publishing, dental equipment evaluation and even public speakers and educators being paid off to sell products?

Then read this: “I’ve Had Enough!” by Gordon Christensen DDS, MSD, PhD

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