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DSO Legislation and Regulations: Good and Bad

DSO legislation has become a large piece of the argument against their place in Dental management. DSO’s or Dental Support/Service Organizations have racked up a fairly large amount of legislation and regulations mitigating their reach over the years. Now, some of the causes behind the legislation¬†are fairly bad and range from Medicare fraud to supply quotas affecting patient care. However, some of it was just brought about purely through learning what would or wouldn’t work. So, as we always say, educate yourself on the subject of DSO’s and decide what feels right for you.

Again, some DSO legislation illuminates unethical behavior, but that doesn’t mean that the entire industry is evil. Sometimes, we just have to learn where it should begin and end. Then we move on from there.

The key is what makes sense to you.

At PDA, we value ourselves as a resource and hub of information. Yes, one of our goals is to keep DSO’s in the sphere of influence out of clinical care. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to war with the entire institution. So the choice is yours and we’re happy to give you the objective info as we find it.

DSO Legislation Examples

Here is a wonderful resource put together by James Moriarty, P.C. of the Law Offices of James R. Moriarty and Martin J. Siegel, P.C. of the Law Offices of Martin J. Siegel:

“Survey of State Laws Governing the Corporate Practice of Dentistry”

Moriarty and Siegel went through all 50 states, one by one, and surveyed existing DSO legislation and regulation to the date of publication (2012). Of course, there is most likely more out there by now, but this gives you an idea of what is being done, as well as, what PDA is out to do for you, the patients and Dentists.


For more information about DSO legislation or PDA’s aims, goals, and purposes read through our About page or contact us directly!