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There is a right and wrong way to sell

Sales probably wasn’t a major offering in dental school or your undergrad programs. So, you might find yourself wondering how to even go about doing it because it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. What are you supposed to do when you find yourself in the chair with a treatment plan for your patient? Many business owners don’t see themselves as salesmen. This is a fact in any field, not just in dentistry. However, one’s ability to sell is part and parcel to their business’s success.

Certainly, sales can make anyone uncomfortable. We’ve all been in a terrible sales cycle with a “used car salesman” type sitting across from us. Of course, they don’t listen to what we’re saying and try┬áto force the wrong product on us. Unfortunately, it’s fairly prevalent. However, selling isn’t a mystic art and can, therefore, be learned by virtually anyone.

Recognizing that, here’s an article from our own CEO, Dr. Greg Winteregg that can help you start with what not to do:

“How Not to Sell”

Matterhorn Business Development’s “How Not to Sell”


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